Affiliate Influencer Marketing

Team finds and recruits the niche influencers for joining our clients’ programs. Through training and education, we hard work with such influencers and create the on brand content, which is in their voice and targeted for the specific audience.

Affiliate Advertiser Partnerships

Kalhost researches, joins and recommends merchant affiliate programs just as the publisher on the brands’ behalfs. It enables client to host the merchant’s relevant products and services and gain additional revenue stream.

Affiliate Mobile Marketing

By partnering it with the relevant publishers and based on the audience, demographics and interest, we promote as well as drive downloads for the clients’ mobile apps, whereas increasing the search rank in app stores.

Customer Programs

The programs incentivize the existing brand advocates in promoting the client’s products within the personal networks, and driving both revenue and awareness.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Kalhost acts as the strategic partner of our clients, and helping to optimize, create, manage the affiliate programs each step of a way. Kalhost affiliate approach gives much more than the traditional outsourced management, focusing on primary drivers: relationships, incrementality, technology as well as innovation.

How you can succeed with the affiliate marketing program?

The successful affiliate marketing isn’t achieved by just having the good affiliate network or efficient software. There’re many factors needed to achieve the effective affiliate marketing. They include ability of the program manager motivate, communicate, as well as recruit new marketing partners.

The successful affiliate marketing isn’t the single and stand-alone system. This must be the integrated approach toward same marketing goals that you have for the company. Suppose you wish to achieve best ROI with the affiliate marketing, Internet advertising program has to be very carefully developed as well as continuously monitored. The affiliate marketing program should be managed very actively by the experienced marketer that can give your program right type of attention, tools and resources, necessary to make the impact in social media world.

Incremental Value

At Kalhost, we do not take set it or forget it type of approach – we get success by optimizing the programs constantly at a granular level. This begins with designing the unique and datadriven plan that then aligns with the clients’ business models & KPIs. Our custom-built and in-house reporting also allows us understand or measure the performance on detailed level, and enabling us exceed the goals as well as optimize programs on the regular basis. Example, Publisher Report Card allows us to create the dynamic publisher commissions that is dependent on the product margin, vanity code usage, crediting logic, new and existing customer referrals, leapfrog percentage, as well as KPIs unique to every client. Our reporting uncovers true value of every paid placement, and arming our customers with data for driving smarter investments. Insights like these, and coupled with ability to leverage right technology, makes superior results for the clients.


Kalhost believes that right relationships with right publishers will take the affiliate program to next level. We also align with the clients on a vetting criteria as well as prioritize publishers on a lot of data points that are taken from the tools used over our company including paid search spend, brand alignment, reach, Alexa traffic rank, compliance, as well as website content. By making use of our in-house relationship management platform and technology partners’ publisher platforms, team recruits fast and efficiently, offering all our clients the vast network of the first name and basis relationships. We also communicate with the publishers on daily basis, no matter whether it is keeping our clients on top of mind, or learning about the new promotional opportunities, and helping to alleviate the pain points; or strive hard to create the beneficial relationship for parties. Kalhost fosters all these relationships offline and by representing our customers at the affiliate marketing conferences or seminars.

How does the affiliate marketing work?

The affiliate marketing is normally defined as the referral program, which gives some commissions to those who refer the potential client and leads to the site. At times called as advertising affiliate program, it’s one of most efficient and cost-effective way to drive revenue online. More people that are advertising the company, services and products online, more successful you are. The affiliate marketing plan is essentially the sales force compensated that is based on the performance. Creating the affiliate marketing program may allow you focus on your attention on the other aspects of the business.

Need for the affiliate management services

Many merchants find this tasking to manage the marketing programs. But, with the affiliate management from Kalhost, your online affiliate marketing programs will be easier to manage for you! Our professional services will provide you with the image banners, and text links that you may in turn give to one involved in the affiliate marketing program. Whereas the affiliate marketing service gives some very helpful resources, that you will want to make some additional efforts to make sure the affiliate marketing program will be successful.


Not just is leveraging right technology important for running the successful affiliate program, but it enables us provide the attribution insights for showing incremental value of every publisher. Kalhost has got strong partnerships with the major affiliate networks that allow us negotiate best rates as well as customize every client’s program in delivering results that are been tailored for their unique goals. Also, with the direct line to networks’ teams, we will help to shape the network technologies that will benefit our customers.

In a lot of cases, migrating to the new affiliate network allows advertisers to drive the incremental value as well as maximize profits. We start by creating the thorough plan of moving the client program and publishers to new affiliate network. It includes helping to assess various aspects from switching to the new network or assisting with the technical migration, support and communication for all the publishers, whereas closely monitoring performance or tracking aren’t affected by change.

Our team develops the cohesive compliance strategy, monitors publishers daily and manages compliance vendors. We also identify non-compliant publishers, and contact them in explaining this policy, work on the plan to resolve the violations, as well as remove the repeat offenders from program.


Kalhost is pioneering the affiliate marketing’s reach that is outside of he traditional coupon-concentrated publishers. As digital landscape continues evolving, we maximize all our clients’ opportunities by many specialized plans. This unique & cutting-edge approach of affiliate marketing maximizes the return for partners as well as ensures that their programs are also delivering incremental value as well as are never running out on the autopilot.


Suppose you are totally new to the affiliate marketing, it’s good to hire the 3rd party management service. The affiliate marketing consulting firms like Kalhost have premier knowledge as well as experience to devise the effective affiliate marketing program, and tailored for your company’s specific targets.

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